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Heckling Hair 2nd attempt

After comparing and identifying problems with my Heckling Hair drawing I had another go:


Heckling Hare study

After reading John’s post about construction and watching the Heckling Hare videos (here) I had a go myself – see below for a comparison to the original.

I felt better about this drawing than my previous couple of attempts. I really enjoyed drawing it, and felt that I was putting the step by step construction method that John talks about into practice better. It ain’t three yet but I feel hyped to go do more.. so adios!

JohnK Curriculum Lesson 5

Line of Action:

Here’s a couple of drawings with comparions. I think I should be doing better by now on these copies… I will re do some and post some better results soon. In the meantime:

Johnk Curriculum Lesson 4

Lesson 4 was to copy a full character from the Preston Blair book, here’s my go and then comparisons:

More on Lessons 1 & 3

I had another go at lesson 1 – copying a character from the Preston Blair book. I found an old copy at the library so I actually have the book now, rather than copying from the screen. Then I did another comparison.

Here they are

JohnK curriculum Lesson 3

Lesson 3 – comparison between my copies and Preston Blair’s original.

Apologies for my grey images – I have no scanner right now so I’m uing a camera.

john k curriculum lesson2

Lesson 2: Squash and Stretch

JohnKcurriculum Lesson1

This is my attempt at the exercise from lesson 1. I drew a few of the Jerry’s from the model sheet and then drew a few that I made up as I was doing them. Am I on the right lines? Can’t wait to do the rest of the lessons, a bit of structure is just what I needed… being a lone animator wannbe with no teachers or even friends interested in this can be a bit.. well.. lame! So thanks for everything you’ve done on your blog.