Lesson 7b – My own poses

This lesson was to create our own poses of a generic character using all the drawing tools we have learned about so far. That is, Line of action, construction, negative space, silhouettes. There is some self critique below the image.

My main issue with these is that I’ve used a lot of poses where the hands touch the face. This doesn’t create a strong silhouette, and I’m not sure if it would be acceptable to have 3 of my 5 key poses not ‘out in the clear’. The big exception is the fourth pose where Jerry jumps into the air, I think it has good silhouette.

Maybe it just needs better staging. For example with the second image where Jerry is biting his nails, I could have drawn it in profile and then the nail biting would read as silhouette. Also in the last image maybe Jerrys feet would be better spread apart?

I think I’ve reached a point where self critique is lacking answers and I need to seek a pro’s opinion.


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